Frequently Asked Questions

Account opening is very easy. Just need to click Sign Up and enter some initial details for opening account. After that you need to verify your email address and that's ready to go.

You can deposit money via bank transfer. After the contract is signed we will send you the details for the IBAN or Bank Transfer.

We have different types of withdraw method. You can withdraw money to your bank account directly or to your crypto wallet.

The first step is of course the approval of the contract. After that we will assist you in transferring the fiat or crypto into your account. Once the balance is available in your account you can subscribe to the fixed interest rate deposit.

Your deposits ( either crypto or fiat) are not connected to this website. In your account on this website you will see just the numbers representing the value of your holdings or earnings. we use separate accounts that are not connected to this website to perform trading and other financial operations.

Yes , BestSeo and it's financial advisors are licensed by the government of Belgium to provide financial services and money management.